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The Constitution Party’s Michael Peroutka Is The One in 2004

Mark Dankof

Ron Holland correctly solicits the opinion of his readers regarding Dixie Daily News and what its take should be on the presidential election in the United States on the first Tuesday in November.

The first clarifying notion for American and Southern Conservatives about this year’s Presidential election should be the jettisoning of any thought of voting once more for George W. Bush.  Mr. Bush’s continuation of an Empire oriented, neo-conservative foreign policy along the lines of Woodrow Wilson has handed all of us 700+ American dead (and counting), 20,000 dead Iraqis (and counting), and a bill for this lunacy approaching $200 billion (and counting).  As Paul Craig Roberts notes today, the Bush Administration’s disastrous and unwarranted preemptive military action in Iraq stands on the precipice of an even larger military conflict in the region which threatens the initiation of a theater-wide conflict involving Syria and Iran.  And Mr. Bush’s endorsement of Ariel Sharon’s illegal annexation of West Bank land (and the latter’s unilateral denial of any Palestinian Right-of-Return to lands seized in 1948) underscores a policy which will inevitably lead to more violence, terrorism, and the continuation of America’s own development as a military garrison state.  Mr. Roberts and Pastor Dave Black of Southeastern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest warn us that these policies and their catastrophic consequences may well be backed by a return to involuntary American military conscription early next year, which begs the question:  How many of us want to lose our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters for this madness?

David D. Kirkpatrick’s recent article in the New York
Times on American conservative dissonance with Bush and Empire amply illustrates that Mr. Bush is not a candidate that should be supported by any American or Southern Conservative concerned with our nation’s Constitution and the dangerous tendency to support War, Empire, and the expansion of the Central State at the expense of individual liberty at home and positive relations with foreign nations abroad.  Mr. Kirkpatrick’s expose reinforces what is already being reemphasized in the State of Pennsylvania in Mr. Bush’s Republican primary endorsement of Arlen Specter over conservative Pat Toomey.  Mr. Bush is a Rockefeller Republican.  Period.  He is not, and has not been our friend.

Mr. Kirkpatrick’s extensive tome in today’s New York
Times emphasizes another truism--that there is not a dime’s bit of difference between Mr. Bush and his Democrat opponent, Mr. Kerry, on the core issue of War and Empire.  Both are clearly in favor of both, in the furtherance of the perceived interests of Mr. Sharon, the Israeli Lobby, and the international oil consortiums.  The admission in Kirkpatrick’s article today by neo-conservative William Kristol of the Weekly Standard that he would prefer the election of Mr. Kerry to the Presidency if the alternative was a conservative of the traditional Old Right stripe of Pat Buchanan should say it all.  Neither of the major party candidates is committed to anything other than the continued march to a New World Order and the deification of the Leviathan State.  Along with War and Empire, Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry stand together on the USA Patriot Act, NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, and PMFN trading status for Communist China.  They are two sides of an obviously counterfeit coin.

Mr. Kerry is obviously a tax-and-spend liberal domestically.  But what about Mr. Bush and his Republicrat Party?  George W. Bush has handed us a $2.3 trillion Federal budget, $535 billion in budget deficit this year, and $550 billion in foreign trade deficit--all of which will cause a long-term devaluation of the dollar.  He has increased the budgets of the Federal Department of Education and the National Endowment of the Arts above and beyond those of his predecessor, Mr. Clinton.  The list goes on and on.

And what about the perceived differences between the two major party candidates on social issues?  Mr. Kerry is clearly pro-abortion and owned by the homosexual lobby operating within his own party.  But Mr. Bush has continued Federal subsidies for Planned Parenthood, endorsed a “modified” policy on human stem-cell research, and openly endorsed the participation of the homosexual Log Cabin Republican lobby in the larger Republican electoral strategy for the fall campaign.  The President states that he disfavors homosexual marriages, but concurrently endorses the concept of “civil unions” which confer virtually all of the benefits and recognition involved in the former.  And why Mr. Bush’s need to tamper with the United States Constitution with a proposed Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman, when all that is necessary is to follow the Constitutional formula of Article III, Section II which provides for what this country really needs--a curbing of the jurisdiction of the activist Federal judiciary in areas that are quite clearly none of its business and the prerogative of the States and the People?  The proposed Constitution Restoration Act in Congress underscores this already existing remedy.  Why does Mr. Bush not speak of this clear remedy to the basic problem of Federal courts acting unilaterally as left-wing legislative bodies?

I believe that the clear alternative for
Dixie Daily News readers to these representatives of Empire and the New World Order is clear:  Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party.  If American and Southern Conservatives choose this year to vote for Mr. Peroutka in significant numbers in the 42+ states where he will appear on the ballot, a significant message will be sent to the Corporate Elite presently engaged in a stranglehold on the American electoral process.  It will guarantee automatic Ballot Access for the Constitution Party in the next Presidential election cycle--if there is one.  And finally, it will give each of us committed to the traditional American understanding of individual freedom and Republic a clear conscience in knowing that principle preempted expediency in a world where the latter threatens to bring us to total extinction.

Mr. Peroutka may be found at

April 21, 2004

Mark Dankof is a Lutheran pastor and free-lance journalist, occasionally contributing to Breaking All the Rules, Iran Dokht, Al Bawaba, Nile Media, CASCFEN, and other Internet news sites. Once a third party candidate for the United States Senate in Delaware (2000), he maintains the web-site Mark Dankof’s America while pursuing post-graduate theological education at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

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