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You Canít Lock Up Lady Liberty

 David Alan Black  

America is in a tunnel. Itís a long tunnel and as dark as night. The good news is that a tunnel implies a way out as well as in. Otherwise it would be a cave.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the night is far spent and the day is at hand for America. Whatever may have triggered the Ron Paul Revolution, the basic trouble is that we have forsaken the Constitution. The way to liberty is by becoming enslaved again to the principles of freedom enshrined in our founding documents. A simple assembly of humble Americans can know more about this great subject than all the pundits in the Beltway put together.

Decades ago Americans got the mistaken notion that the City of God could be constructed in this poor world. We supposed that through publicly-funded education, sanitation, and all the other ď-ations,Ē America would become heaven on earth. Washington on the Potomac was to be the Holy City.

Alas, we have fared badly with our cities.

The fact is, many people who call themselves Republicans are not republican. They claim the name but do not live it. Their motives, their attitudes, their actions, their dispositions are anything but republican.

The noun needs to become an adjective.

And that is exactly what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about. Thatís what the 4.2 million dollars was all about. Thatís what the largest grass-roots fundraising day in the history of American politics was all about. Thatís why patriotic Americans are rising up by the thousands and challenging Americaís addiction to ruling the world through military force and acting like an empire.

When a true conservative stands up for freedom, it resonates with liberty-loving people everywhere.

Tragically, it has taken a costly war to get us thinking again. And thinking we are. Writes Dana Gabriel about Congressman Ron Paul:

He is no longer just an Internet phenomenon, and everywhere he goes, there are large crowds who are inspired by his message. As his profile increases in the mainstream, so are his converts. His message of hope, liberty, peace, and prosperity is an easy sell to Americans, who are disillusioned with the whole political process. He is shattering the left/right paradigm, and attracting support from all ends of the political spectrum.

At the end of the day, I firmly believe that Ron Paul has a chance of becoming our next president Ė if indeed we decide that we want to emerge from our long dark tunnel and return to the ideals upon which our great nation was founded.

Of one thing I am sure. You canít lock up lady liberty. You can incarcerate her body, but her soul still goes marching on.

November 8, 2007

David Alan Black is the editor of

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