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Update from Becky

(From the Date of My Diagnosis Until Now; August 4-24, 2009)

Becky Lynn Black  


  1. for referral to UNC…where robotic surgery was an option and with an MD who is on the front lines both in advanced robotic surgery, and also in research of my type of aggressive cancer.
  2. for UNC health care…it has been efficient, professional, timely; nurses are all kind, efficient, organized, gentle, positive, tender, personable.
  3. for Prayer Times the morning of surgery…Dave and I in the car leaving the farm, with the anesthesiologists, again with the surgeons, and finally with all the family.
  4. for the prayers of so many, many people worldwide…the Ethiopian churches, the website folks, the American churches (Amelia, Mt.Tirzah, Cresset, Ca-Vel and so many others), our home church of Bethel Hill.
  5. for the special anointing prayer service at Bethel Hill…the joy of simple obedience to the Scriptures, as best we understand them, without waiting until our understanding of them is all neatly packaged and thoroughly understood…the joy of child-like obedience and faith exemplified in Miss Mary, Jason and so many others.
  6. for the emails, seemingly hundreds of them, with declarations of love and need.... “I just have to write and tell you that I love you.”  “We need you.” Over and over in different ways…many trying to find words…all so amazing to me...that I could be loved and appreciated and needed in such a way!...such a protection from the Evil One who delights to throw the “no one cares” dart.
  7. for the lack of emails that abused our vulnerability by giving unnecessary advise or correction, etc.
  8. for the healing from surgery that was without undue pain, without complications; for the practical assistance of others, from the nurses explaining and guiding, to those who have brought meals, cleaned house, etc.
  9. for the arrival of the 3 J’s…Jon, Jason and Joel…three very special brothers…before I left for the operating room, early in the morning, they arrived unexpectedly...and they looked so nicely dressed…it was encouraging to me just to see their vibrant health and neatness…such PRECIOUS brothers they are to me!
  10. for a clean house before leaving…as soon as the diagnosis was given, we decided priorities: spiritual orientation, medical appointments, legal issues, household/garden chores…and in the Lord’s grace, He allowed all these things to be set in order before surgery.
  11. for His grace in holding those who received the news of my situation; although it has been difficult for some (especially the Ethiopia family), I do not think any has been left in despair, but all have seen the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord in the midst of news; I praise Him for His care of them.
  12. for the internet…that the website is available in Ethiopia, that a new modem was placed on our computer just days before surgery, that articles were published and emails sent/received without interruption; the wonder of modern communication is truly a gift from the Lord and should be used for His purposes.
  13. for spreading the testimony of His grace….as articles from the website are re-printed in newsletters or carried on other websites; everywhere the story is told, may others be pointed to the Almighty God whom we worship… in sickness and in health, He is worthy of worship!
  14. for success in getting home…arriving in a huge thunderstorm, going around trees that had fallen across the road, but safe at last in our home; the electricity was off for only a few hours upon our return.
  15. for the Scriptures in my language…we have read Psalm 95 daily together, and I am listening to Alexander Scourby’s reading of the Scriptures…what a joy to hear Him speak through His Word, which never changes.  This morning in listening to Moses’ story, I was impressed that his life was saved twice for God’s work in His Kingdom, but when it came time for that work, Moses was slow to embrace the appointment and do the work with faith in God’s plan and His ability to accomplish His work. He had such a low view of his purpose on earth. My prayer is that I would not be like Moses, but I would be like Mary, who immediately said “Be it unto me as You have spoken.”  May I do His work, as appointed to me, without a view of my own limitations, but with a full view of His utter faithfulness, both to me and to His work.
  16. for Dylan’s surgical success…this 9-yr-old boy from our church was in a different hospital the same time I was; oh, the joy of companionship and peace in prayer, one hospital bed to another via the Throne.  Thank you, Lord, for helping Dylan heal and for guiding his surgeons and nurses.
  17. for phone access…35 years ago, when I had an emergency surgery for ruptured appendix, separated by ˝ a continent from my family, alone at college, long-distance phone calls were for emergency only; now we have portable phones, free minutes, text messaging…amazing how we can stay connected!  This is a grace of the Lord to our society, to be used for His purposes.  Thank you, Liz, for getting me a cell phone!
  18. for testimonies…of the lady healed 25 years ago, and all these years eagerly serving the Lord, leading others to Him…healed and in Kingdom work!  What praise and encouragement to me.
  19. for testimonies…of annual anxieties, of bondage to the “c” word, of constant fear of the future recurrence….thank you, Lord, for this reminder that partial victories are no victories at all; I refuse to bow the knee, even a little, to the god of fear.
  20. for expert anesthesiology…even with my unstable neck vertebrae, they were careful and expert, under the guiding Hand of the One who knows all things.
  21. for all the surgical team…each one came and introduced themselves; such courtesy!  Dr. Cobb (resident) and Dr. Cantrell (attending) in anesthesiology; Dr. Bernstein (resident) and Dr. ---- (fellow) and Dr. Gehrig (attending) in surgery; Amanda, nurse in Pre-Care Suite; -----, nurse in Operating Room; Tracy (dayshift nurse), Rickie (night shift nurse) and Millie (nurse aide) in Short-Stay Unit; I pray that the Lord Jesus will give each one a special awareness of Him and His love for them personally, because of their kindnesses to me.
  22. for the joy of giving witness to the Lord Jesus in the halls of UNC Hospital…in conversations, in High-5 cards, in cake cards, etc.
  23. for the ministry of food…the ability to take a cake for the staff, and the joy of eating baked ziti by Miss Rachel.
  24. for fellowship and a picnic supper…courtesy of Rachel and Suzanne…with all the trimmings and the joy of spiritual fellowship around the Savior.
  25. for Liz’ sister, who kept my 3 precious boys so Liz could be with me at the hospital…and for her singing balloon “don’t worry…be happy.”
  26. for Nathan and Jessie’s daily visits…their gift of Little Women video…their sweet love and care.

Prayer Items…

  1. for my mother to come safely here today; praise for her joy in this service to me.
  2. for the lab technicians as they review my surgical specimens; for diligence, thoroughness, accuracy in evaluation….I do not pray for “no cancer,” but I pray for accuracy of report.
  3. for my Ethiopian family, as they continue to struggle with my situation, often without knowing the details, and having extra worries…that they would surrender me to Him and allow Him to use this situation in their own lives…to learn in a deeper way that He is trustworthy and worthy of our full surrender.
  4. for the oncology team meeting on Wednesday afternoon, as they decide the best course for follow-up care.
  5. for continued, uncomplicated healing, if this is His will…and that all chemo and radiation follow-up can be completed this year, before our annual medical deductible resumes again January 1.
  6. for the Ethiopia presentations in the coming weeks…as Dave takes over and things continue forward in getting the clinic vehicle, etc.

August 24, 2009

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