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Thoughts of a Roving Missionary

 David Alan Black  

These miscellaneous thoughts occurred to me today. Perhaps they will stimulate your thinking.

1. You can serve Christ and still end up in chains. Just ask Paul. Thereís nothing easy about missions. I wonít kid you Ė thereís a price to be paid for serving Jesus.

2. ďLeave it behind and keep it out of sight.Ē Thatís what Jesus told His disciples when He sent them out. ďTravel light,Ē He said. Iíve been instructed to wear only one shirt while Iím teaching pastors in Ukraine. Itís sort of a visual aid to show that the Gospel is not about material things. Very wise.

3. Evangelism best takes place in the web of human relationships. Just stick to the basics of loving, caring, and serving in the name of Jesus. The rest will fall into place.

4. If Peter needed his sheet from heaven, how much more do I need one? Missions means leaving our personal prejudices and judgmental attitudes behind. Holier-then-thou attitudes are incompatible with the Gospel of Christ.

5. Receptivity is totally a God thing. Divine preparation must always precede human activity.

6. The obverse is that we must expect God to do great things. Faith is expecting enablement when we need it. It also means expecting blessing even when weíre not qualified for it.

7. Evangelism is more than tell. Itís also show. The Gospel must be demonstrated, not just verbalized. If we donít play the music people will never hear the words.

8. Donít try to do it all. Do what God has gifted you to do. He still uses loaves and fishes.

9. Love, love, then love some more. We fit into Godís redemptive purposes by loving Him and by loving others until they ask us why.

Now hereís the deal. None of these missionary principles mean a hoot unless I practice them in my own community.

Now thatís convicting!

May 24, 2007

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