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Thank You, Chuck

 David Alan Black 

I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to my friend Chuck Baldwin. If I may say so, he has become one of Americaís most articulate apologists for Christ and for the U. S. Constitution. I have often thought, ďOh, for more prophets like him!Ē

He has courage Ė of that there can be no doubt. All prophets must. While the culture in America seems to be crumbling all around us, there is an urgent need for Christian leadership Ė pastoral leadership, if you will Ė and Chuck Baldwin again and again has been a much-needed voice crying in the wilderness.

Chuck sees the issues of the day with limpid clarity while others remain in the vast gathering gloom. He Chuckoften sees things I donít see, sees them in living color whereas I might glance at them in black or white or gray. While the nation peacefully sleeps, Chuck is a town crier, sounding an alarm while at the same time having deep compassion for the nation he loves, and for her misguided people.

One other thing about Chuck I admire: like John the Baptist, he is not afraid of locusts and animal skins. Thatís the price one often has to pay for being a prophet, and Chuck has paid that price gladly. He realizes that being a follower of Jesus Christ is costly. It also involves a grave responsibility. As he himself has so often pointed out, itís no good blaming the politicians in Washington for the mess we are in. When the meat goes bad you donít blame the meat; itís the fault of the salt that the meat is putrefying.

So Chuck, thank you very much for so faithfully ringing the alarm bell. If only the rest of us would become the salt and light that we were meant to be, then maybe your words will not be in vain. Even more, I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose reality shines, if I may say, so very brightly in you.

Thank you.

April 8, 2005

David Alan Black is the editor of If you would like to know more about becoming a follower of King Jesus, please feel free to write Dave.

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