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Return to Ethiopia

 Becky Lynn Black 

Becky Lynn wrote this itinerary before leaving for Ethiopia with our son Nathan and her mom and dad, Betty and Brad Lapsley. I wish to thank you for your prayers on their behalf. Dave

Thursday, May 18...about 8:30am we leave the Farm to come to Ethiopia via Raleigh-Durham, NC, and Washington DC, and Frankfurt, Germany. Pray that we will be blessed with airplane safety, that we will not be too uncomfortable in the airline seats, that we will not strain muscles carrying luggage, that we will enjoy each other in prayerful preparations, that our luggage would not get lost or stolen.  Assuming no delays, our travel time is estimated 31 hours. Pray for Dave as he settles into all the responsibilities of the farm management as well as his full-time teaching.

Friday, May 19...about 9:15pm we arrive at Bole Airport in Addis & go to the SIM Guesthouse to crash.  Pray for a good night's sleep, unimpeded by night-time prayers over loudspeakers :)

Saturday, May 20...this will be a very busy day in Addis.  We have a LONG list of things to do on this day before we head down-country.  Some special things on this day are seeing Bingham Academy and having our Family Dinner.  This is the one day we get to recoup from jet lag.  Pray for efficiency in business, good rest, joyful reunions, etc.

Sunday-Monday, May 21-22...early early early in the morning we leave Addis Ababa, hoping to arrive in Alaba before the morning worship service is completed.  Pray for safe travel, rest in the car.  We will, our Lord willing, teach several classes, meet with leaders to discuss building churches for the rural congregations, interview rural church leaders to gather "adoption" information, review the flannelgraph/Bible memory program, etc., etc. It will be a VERY full 1 1/2 days! Pray for strength, for rest in our Lord's provision, for good communication & understanding.  Also, pray for Mom's breathing; Alaba is known for its dust!

Tuesday, May for about 10 hours to reach Soyama in the Burji District.  Pray for safe travel & rest while traveling.

Wednesday-Thursday, May 24-25...ministry in Soyama (Student Reception, teach women's classes, teach teachers/parents, computer training, eyeglasses & protein bar distributions, check Meeting Hall building, bring Bibles, etc.).  Also, we hope to get to the old Gambo mission station & visit Sego village.  Pray for physical strength, communications, and special travel mercies going to Gambo, which is very isolated. Also, pray for special times between my parents and their former students.

Friday, May back to Addis, stopping briefly at Bishoftu.  Another 10 hour trip.  Pray for safe travel & for rest while traveling. Pray also for emotions as Mom & Dad say goodbye to Burji.

Saturday, May in Addis, meeting with people in the CD distribution ministry, Biruk's graduation from ABC.  Pray for good rest & a happy graduation time honoring our Lord for His faithfulness.  Continue to pray for Dave as he carries on at the farm.

Sunday, May 28...go to Emebet's church; rest in the afternoon.  Pray for good rest as we gear up for the next leg of the trip.

Monday, May about 6 hours to Hosanna town & Bobitcho station, stopping to visit a neighbor (from Texas!) en route.  Pray for safe travel & a good visit.

Tuesday-Wednesday, May 30-May 31...ministry in Hosanna & Bobitcho, teaching, Student Reception, etc.  We will stay in a home at the old mission station...lots of memories!  Pray for good communications, a ministry of encouragement, spiritually profitable times with the former students of Mom & Dad.  Also pray for physical strength, since Mom & Dad might be getting tired by now.

Thursday, June 1...return to Addis (6 hour trip).  Pray for safe travel & rest while traveling.

Friday, June 2...misc. day in Addis, doing all the last minute things that come up.  Pray for wisdom to know how to arrange this last day.  Pray for emotions, as we say "good bye" again to a country we love so much.  Pray for rest of spirit, mind & body.  A fun thing will be the ETC Graduation Banquet in the evening as we gather to honor our Lord, David & Nigussie.

Saturday, June 3...ETC Graduation service, last minute things, packing up.  We leave Bole Airport in the evening, estimated travel is 33 hours.  Pray for safe travel, luggage security, tired/aching bodies, emotional spirits.

Sunday, June 4...arrival at RDU Airport, greeting Dave, overnight at Rosewood Farm

Monday, June 5...Mom & Dad return to Dallas. Pray for them traveling alone, emotionally & physically drained. And keep praying for us at least for 2 weeks afterward as we adjust back to normal life here, while our hearts are there, rejoicing in the goodness & mercies of the Lord that He allows us this trip!

For His glory alone!


May 19, 2006

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