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Our Delinquent Generation

 David Alan Black 

In his latest essay, Chuck Baldwin again hits the nail squarely on the head. How often are we in error in our suppositions! We think that we can save our culture through our conservative movements and organizations. These are all pitiful, man-made solutions. The fact that we have removed the Ten Commandments or forbidden prayer in our schools is merely symbolic of a much deeper problem.

The cause of our culture’s decline is our failure to act as salt and light. According to Barna, over ninety percent of Christians lack a biblical world view! There is only one way to handle this problem scripturally and that is by yielding our unsurrendered selves, consenting to our crucifixion with Christ, abiding in the Word of truth, and walking in the Spirit. I know this does not sound big enough for modern Christendom and for churchmen who think we ought to cooperate with the world and with false religions to work out an acceptable compromise. The great Laodicean church of today is too busy to hear His voice and too smug and self-sufficient to feel any need of Him.

Someone has said that the modern Christian’s credo is, “Jesus is my Savior, but I am my Lord.” Our nations’ Founders had a Christian worldview, but today we have rejected God’s standards and have adopted the unbelieving view that men are “good.” Evangelicalism has been infiltrated by the surrounding culture to such a degree that this spirit of accommodation goes largely unnoticed. Religious mumbo jumbo has replaced biblical doctrine on every hand. Whether we disguise it as “seeker-sensitivity” or Christian fellowship, it is compromise with ungodliness.

As I leave for Ethiopia, I am deeply burdened for the church in America. Our delinquent generation will not get back on the right track until it experiences the love that chastens and rebukes. Perhaps then we will stop patronizing God and begin obeying Him. Christian love is devotion to Christ that is loyal at any cost.

It is high time we learned that Mumbo Jumbo Christianity is a great evil, whether in the church or in society.

May 11, 2005

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