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On the Road Again – and Needing Your Prayers

 David Alan Black 

Realizing how uncertain things are in this fallen world, I am fervently praying if it might be the Lord’s will that the door to Iran might remain open until I have an opportunity to go there. I am really overwhelmingly touched by what I read about events in the world. I see God at work so powerfully that I am filled with thanksgiving as well as feeling as though I am drowning at times in the enormity of the task. But I am willing at the drop of a hat to change my schedule if only once I could share the love of Jesus in the very place where the Ayatollahs are trained.

Here at Rosewood Farm we are surrounded by the wonder of God’s creation that it is easy to take it all for granted. Becky and I love to watch the goats from our porch in the morning as we sip our coffee together. Yesterday Becky remarked, “It’s amazing how God made goats for community, how they love to do everything together.” Isn’t it interesting that it is a natural thing, when we grow in the Lord and stay close to Him, that we should long to be with our fellow Christians or even desire to be plunged into a circle of strangers and work where the Lord Jesus is never honored or even thought of? I am frequently holding Central Asia before the dear Lord’s face in prayer. I feel it is both a place of danger and opportunity and I realize that any Christian who goes there has a tremendous responsibility of using the understanding God has given him or her to speak of the holiness and love of the Savior.

So as we set out “on the road again,” I would ask you too to be praying for Becky and me that the Lord would lead us in a very clear way – for me as I go back to Europe this month, for us as we return to Ethiopia in December and May, and again for me as I lecture in Marrakech in March – that the Lord may lead and guide us and that our time abroad, short as it is, may count much for His glory.

Remember, “His eye is on the sparrow,” and the work of God follows those in whom He has put His Spirit. Everywhere we travel we go with one driving conviction – that no stronghold of Satan is so mighty that the living God cannot penetrate, pierce, and divide asunder. This is just as true in post-Christian Europe and America as it is in Central Asia. For the Christian, the battle is not against flesh and blood, and the victory is attained only through the moment-by-moment leadership of the Holy Spirit and with spiritual weapons of warfare.

September 1, 2006

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