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If John Kerry Was President

John Notgrass

In the 2004 election, American voters face a scary situation. Just think what might happen if John Kerry is elected President...

If John Kerry was President, he might allow abortion to continue with government endorsement and funding.

If John Kerry was President, he might appoint pro-sodomy and pro-abortion people to high government positions.

If John Kerry was President, he might corrupt American schools by sending them more Federal funds and regulations.

If John Kerry was President, he might station your sons and daughters around the world to fight someone else’s sons and daughters.

If John Kerry was President, he might increase federal police powers in the name of national security.

If John Kerry was President, he might approve campaign finance reform that gives extra advantages to incumbents.

If John Kerry was President, he might favor giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

If John Kerry was President, he might encourage Congress to send more of your money to other countries in the form of foreign aid.

What makes it even scarier is that George Bush has already done all of these things! But many conservatives only seem to care about these things when liberals do them. If a conservative President ignores the Constitution and disregards God’s moral instructions, his conservative supporters generally grin and bear it. Please don’t vote for John Kerry, but please don’t vote for George Bush!

Thank God we don’t have to vote for the lesser evil. The Constitution Party is running candidates who believe that life is precious and who believe that government powers should be limited. We need representatives who are bound to principle rather than party. We need leaders who will work to protect and restore the valuable provisions of our Constitution. If John Kerry was President, I’d probably be disappointed with his leadership. George Bush is President, and I am disappointed. That’s why I support Michael Peroutka for President.

May 11, 2004

John Notgrass lives in Tennessee and is currently a student in the University of Life. He works with his parents in their family business, The Notgrass Company. He is a regular columnist for Home School Digest and writes and performs perform music. He may be reached for comment here.

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