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The God of Ethiopia

 David Alan Black 

Hear the words of the Psalmist:

Ethiopia shall hasten to stretch out her hands to God (Psalm 68:31).

It is God Himself who causes this stretching out of hands. Just as He prepared the Ethiopian eunuch for the coming of Philip, just as He made the eunuch to know his own ignorance, so today He is preparing for the coming of the evangelist, whether from America, Europe, or other Ethiopian tribes.

There is a touch of wonderful tenderness in the words of the Psalmist. Becky and I are witnesses to God doing a special work in Ethiopia. Men and women must be brought into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! There is religion aplenty in this benighted nation, including “Christian” religion in the form of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Like the apostle Paul before his conversion, the Orthodox is closed against truth, in favor of an ancient prejudice. But where there is an honest heart, an open mind, a willingness to receive the truth and to follow the truth at all costs, the result is life.

Everywhere we work in Ethiopia God is raising up a little army of those who have heard, and have believed, and have received the gift of life, and have become members of Christ, and have been filled with joy unspeakable. That He should deem Becky and me worthy to share in this work is beyond our understanding. I say this not to magnify the success of the work but its difficulties, and to inspire the brethren to persevere.

Know that you are loved and that we are eager to see your faces again. Remember that it is through many tribulations that we must enter the kingdom of God. Do not forget the words of Paul: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God.”

You are a great, intrepid witness, and it is through you that the kingdom in Ethiopia is to be won for our God and His Christ!

April 20, 2006

David Alan Black is the editor of

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