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Female Bloggers

 David Alan Black 

Some Bible scholars today are asking, “Where are the female (biblio)bloggers?” Since the prefix “biblio” is placed in parentheses, I think it appropriate for me to note that we do not have this problem in the region of the blogosphere where I tend to operate. In fact, as with our manuscripts of the New Testament, I might say we have an embarrassment of riches. Here’s a sampling of some fine female web authors who are not loath to address important topics from a biblical perspective:

I could list many more. I might suggest that, in addition to reading “scholars” (male or female), my brethren in the academic guild have a great deal to learn from these godly women. You will notice that many of these ladies are trying to raise their children according to biblical principles and precepts. That in itself makes their sites unique. Often a deep truth will be stated in profoundly simple terms. Here’s an example from Kristin. After all, to me “obedience” is just as much a biblical topic as, say, the Synoptic Problem, if not more so.

If you enjoy wit and wisdom seasoned with a bit of Latin salsa, Izzy’s your choice. How about the thoughts of a lady who loves discussing theology – that would be Julie. Berit tackles subjects few men dare touch, while Carmon handles political and social topics with ease. Where Kim finds time to maintain her insightful blog is a mystery to me. And Amy is “humble” in a way that will throw you off guard if you’re not careful.

No apology is needed for drawing attention to these female writers. Those who suppose that only women with doctorates in biblical studies qualify to blog about the Scriptures are simply showing that, in the most literal sense, they do not know what they are talking about. J. I. Packer once said that wisdom consists in choosing the best means to the best end. What we define as “the end,” then, makes all the difference in the world. Pursuing academic scholarship is undoubtedly a worthy occupation, but we need not frustrate the wise purpose of God by neglecting the weightier matters of faith and faithfulness.

October 2, 2005

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