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Every Member an Evangelist

 David Alan Black 

The earliest Christians did not talk about prayer. They prayed. They did not talk about witnessing. They told others about Jesus. The Book of Acts does not just teach a universal Gospel. It shows us how the church moved beyond cultural differences to embrace people regardless of their race, nationality, and circumstances. The proof was in the doing.

It is true that the apostles (such as Paul) did much of the witnessing in the early church. But most of it was done by the rest of the believers. Just think – plain, ordinary Christians reaping God’s harvest! In Antioch of Syria they witnessed to both Jews and Greeks and many believed. God blessed their testimony. In obedience to Jesus’ command they had gone out as witnesses instead of waiting for the world to come to them. God was moving His people into action, and as a result “The word of God grew and multiplied” (Acts 12:24).

I wish I could tell you that have I introduced thousands to the Lord Jesus. I can’t. And those I have had the joy of seeing come to faith have sometimes been left orphaned. Is anything more necessary than an open, well-thumbed Bible to a vital Christian life? I have come to see that my primary vocation – my main “business” in life – is the Gospel business, the work of discipleship. Today is the day of salvation, and those of us who possess the Gospel have to share it.

Living by grace means actively pursuing the purposes of God in this world. It means living by the Spirit and by the Spirit’s fruit. To be a slave of Christ means crucifying self and serving others. It means helping the neglected, bearing each others’ burdens, blessing those who persecute you, serving faithfully according to your gifts, and overcoming evil with good. This is especially important in light of the hour. The days are evil, and Christ’s return may be near.

When Christ is in control, everything in life is different. Our one goal is to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel. We serve Him without complaining. We would gladly lose everything for His sake. We forget our past failures and press on toward the goal of being formed in Him. “To know Him and to make Him known” becomes our only passion.

May 10, 2006

David Alan Black is the editor of

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