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Developing Biblical Convictions

 David Alan Black 

Recently a DBO reader sent along these remarks:

Dear Sir:

I stumbled upon your website tonight and have read many of your essays. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with all who come across your site. I have had a great deal of conviction about the way I have lived my own life and how I have served the world in so many ways. I particularly want to thank you for your testimony in one of your writings about how by studying scripture, you have grown more in Christ. I have been very lax in studying scripture in the past. My life has also unfortunately reflected my lack of discipline concerning scriptural study. I will most definitely be studying the Word more in the future. I thank you and may God bless your efforts. 

Your brother in Christ,


Thanks, Bill. I agree that the success of our lives and ministries is not determined by training or education. It is dependant on our walk with Christ and what He does through us in His power. Like you, I am learning to look to the Bible for the answers to the questions people ask. The Bible alone gives us an objective basis for making decisions in life. It is Godís word, not ours.

Any spiritual leader will need a growing knowledge of the Bible. The more we study the Scriptures, the more we will know and understand God Ė His attributes, His power, His promises, His relationship with us. We will develop strong biblical traditions that will shape our values and behavior and allow us to speak out for Christ with confidence and humility. We will be able to follow the Lord and not the often unbiblical traditions of our churches and our society.

If thereís one thing I try to tell my students itís this: Letís stop trying to produce water from a dried-up river. Make sure the river stays connected to the source. Only Jesus can produce the water that becomes our ministry. Learn to praise God as you read His word and pray. Remember that the more we know of God and His love for us, the more we will want to please Him. And knowing that His love for us is unconditional and constant gives us security about the future.

As you know, time is a precious commodity. It canít be stopped, stored, or reversed. I want to learn how to so manage my time that my ministry and life are enhanced for His glory. Our greatest ministry will occur with those who can see the example of our lives and can spend time with us. Do all you can to be a people-person. Keep your office door open. Answer your emails promptly and courteously. Keep discipleship of others your focus. The building of disciples has always been at the heart of ministry. We want to encourage every believer to become a spiritual multiplier and to make their life count for Jesus.

Thank you for taking the time to write. Like you, I need to be reminded constantly that only as I am filled with Godís Spirit and word will I become more like Christ and please Him. What will please Him most? We shall please Him most when we help fulfill His Great Commission by going into all the world and preaching the Gospel to every creature and letting Him live His life through us.

July 25, 2006

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