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A Christmas Story

 David Alan Black 

In a faraway place lives a ten-year old boy named Azanou. His tiny village is in a land called Ethiopia. Ethiopia is in Africa.

One day, Dr. and Mrs. Black went to the village where Azanou lives. Azanou was one of the first children to greet them. He proudly showed them his Ethiopian "lunch pails." People in his village had made them by hand, using straw and goat skins!  Azanou led Dr. and Mrs. Black from lunch pail to lunch pail, feeling his way along. You see, Azanou is almost totally blind.

He was such a happy boy (and a good salesman!). Mrs. Black bought a lunch pail from him. Then guess what Azanou did? He gave her another lunch pail for free! What a kind and generous boy he was!  

When their trip to Ethiopia was over, Dr. and Mrs. Black went back to America. But they could not forget Azanou. The Lord Jesus had put a special love in their hearts for Azanou.  But how could they get in touch with him? He lived so far away!

After many emails and phone calls, Mrs. Black was able to arrange for an eye doctor to see Azanou. He is totally blind in his left eye and needs an operation in his right eye. Otherwise he will go completely blind. But where can Azanou have an operation? Ethiopia does not have good hospitals. And who will take care of him after his operation? He has no mother or father!

Dr. and Mrs. Black asked the Lord Jesus what they should do. Then they thought to themselves, “Maybe the Lord wants us to bring Azanou to America for his operation!” They said, “The Lord has blessed America with good hospitals and doctors. Even though Azanou has no parents, he still has his whole lifetime ahead of him!  We should try to help him!"

The Lord Jesus loves Azanou. He gave His life to save Azanou's soul. He wants Azanou to know Him and to love Him. If coming to America is a blessing that Jesus has planned for Azanou, then He will work out all the details for the trip.

Dr. and Mrs. Black are now planning to go back to Ethiopia and get Azanou. Then he will have his operation in America. His eye will be very tender for six months. During this time he will live with the Black family on their farm in Virginia. Then, when he is healed, Dr. and Mrs. Black will take Azanou back to his little village, back to his friends, and back to his beautiful lunch pails.

Dr. and Mrs. Black pray for Azanou every day. They believe God allowed them to meet Azanou for a very special reason. Will you pray for Azanou, too?  Will you ask our Lord Jesus to make all the arrangements very clear?  And especially ask Him to open the eyes of Azanou's heart, so that he will see Jesus and love Him.  Because what good is it if we can see with the eyes of our body but we are blind with the eyes of our heart?

Dr. and Mrs. Black love Azanou very much. But someone else loves Azanou even more. Do you know who that is? It is the Lord Jesus. Jesus wants Azanou to know and love Him, just like He wants you to know and love Him. Take time now to talk with Him. Thank Him that you can see with the eyes of your body, and ask Him to open the eyes of your heart to see Him and His love more clearly.

December 24, 2004

David Alan Black is the editor of He is the author of Why I Stopped Listening to Rush and numerous other books.

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